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pre-release19 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • 4410029afb8c271b14a4ff4d53a941f9878ea3a1 crazyhd: add genre results
  • 02c3507c3c12404c712776b72a7ec7983f4ce00b the-crazy-ones: fix DLVF ULVF detection
  • 617413993f75b772a5794c7fe3014db10b4467c8 coastalcrew: fix DLVF ULVF detection
  • a8662fc4fa32a42ca321fd3a068fe83b10767933 cinemamovies: add genre results
  • 21c6fff8195155db1bbc8c5a7eb671971d20b592 girotorrent: update download selector
  • 6739de88f8db242e9a7681430c7beb6aa3d4f1f8 newretro: refresh categories
  • 2295ae397bd81f8a9ee067a0fd323a4c73b35666 cpasbienclone: update domain www.*.tw
  • 75a2e255284b4dcae02e9a9286ba4d8f001154b4 core: fix jackett updater in musl builds (#13439)
  • fcfa1a9c89c8815c171ef47dd833893ed754becc add mazepa an Ukrainian site. resolves #13437

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