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pre-release19 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • ba17ebe2ed445f2657c4151652566a8c8b2d641d yamllint: enable key-duplicates check (#13400)
  • b29ea1f3bc805b4f9dae6c6c788bfe6697e03e79 core: expand year and genre support, add book publisher support (#13399)
  • 8e7ba9783473eef7a4a3ccbaa9462a5ef9d3d7df krazyzone: fix lint and drop dupe setting name
  • 8ddfa4f6b335d917ff244618b7d51fb707ef212a krazyzone: moved to TorrentTrader engine. resolves #12623
  • 72e6068fe24f1bbd0ad2ec08be8a475d58795db1 BeyondHDApi: Added option to extend title with available HDR for hybrid releases (#13398)
  • 20c363293b46e5a586f13d18de924568543fd1a7 cardigannIndexer: fix row strdump
  • 75ae67499869835325434226a07ae3c6442a7c2c core: enable genre queries (#13394)

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