github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.20.141-ls303

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 03fe6cbe7981757bf3bd24fe36a0da120316c048 add hdmonkey a Romanian private site. resolves #12688
  • f7947858665b847f40028d58e5d3e3013de93929 codeql: only trigger on changes to core .cs and .js files
  • c758aa723d603f6dea7a3d338bd109aaeba4b45e slosoul: add new cats
  • eb21038e18e2b433ba72530fbf51560c26679a1b add CodeQL action - security vulnerabilities check

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