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pre-release19 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • 633f69c9d319b270d47780614c6dc0ace2287466 pterclub: add douban query support
  • 9586f7d7a4850b0c09dc8eef12bfa23d4cf05a10 audiences, haidan, pignetwork: oops. fix search
  • 904d09c63c8a61849fd70037adcdb2ed4d046d00 pignetwork: add douban query support
  • 69ff7ee3c314b0e33d70c9c6086b997e8ac71fc9 haidan: oops drop redundant search.
  • d77f037372c8184562443daee265444c28703b5b haidan: add douban query support
  • 40a534db6ac58b27194d31e0544631900d40cca7 audiences: add search_area comment
  • 9eeed9b9c98ca107ed62fd5e97369ce6b245d223 audiences: support doubanid query
  • 223fc2550d77e715636ce2bde20e062200eb1c23 core: fix incomplete label and track support (#13391)
  • 5b6c7bfcdb3006545795d1b832ddd621475e89a3 arabp2p: drop *.com domain and fix login
  • 2024a43bf5e495bdc7c3227fe830a7e0f04b8b09 core: add douban tv search (#13390)
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  • da46f430e832d398fbd16dec897c9609f397fe73 teamos: new domain
  • 7d9656d69b37661539f3618338d7c7d5387258b6 dark-shadow: update cats
  • d12b0a413f19efb1d6da6b10f359154e9255c6b8 Update schema.json
  • 1f674cdf98ef8298cc59bc383613b077ed6da543 dontorrent: new domain
  • 5014a00094b2bcbc99db1b496973b7379ce3110e torrentqq: bump domain
  • b05fec080f0b4f6dfb369eac43f068ef0a13009f newpct-me: new domain
  • 32acc5be20f418e54da46112ed93c2bbf4032efe add carpt a Chinese private site. resolves #13388
  • 216824496322e7581be955f482b3e4d5b479c273 Update schema.json
  • c8ae183d68f606f7025c30cd9e86a97891cee7d3 cardigann: add tvmaze support (#13389) [ #13385, #13387 ]
  • e34e70040b2a3656a4186df2752f1a0a4fcabc32 core: enable trakt and douban queries (#13387) [ #13385 ]

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