github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.20.136-ls302

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 2e25572fcb767e61d9c5348921661ee0fc1611ae torrent9clone: use home page for keywordless
  • f3dfeba082002674b96330a99102f245f2cb320d torrent9: use home page for keywordless Prowlarr/Prowlarr#684
  • dde4263061cd636aaa47eee66281ec97600cf9a3 zetorrents: update download selector. resolves #12686
  • 3e468e1318a1daa8ed8aee5f542f76720ef3e32d pornotorrent: correct language
  • bfb76df312dee9c220a7ec1c214d341a5bf11d9c torrentmax: change search paths. resolves #12669
  • 8ebf088de59de5a111116cc1884a023d3c748a75 24rolika: add referer header to allow torrent downloads. resolves #12479
  • 07cc2940fa6ab054bda4244ec1e47c01aa4b5e43 24rolika: add categories and change search. partially addresses #12479
  • 9d46a01f044629b4ad0e04b27e9cdc7a5dfd89a6 kickasstorrents-to: add andmatch filter. resolves #12683
  • eea67b1e35b6c52b4438bef53b4d5cdce47612a7 opensharing: add new cat. resolves #12684
  • ab584ebb476ca8a44c22c48fb071d2eb17b069f1 oxtorrent: change domain *.be. resolves #12685
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  • e09a9d275c811f885d8b9d315f0a72c63033187c gktorrent: update download selector. resolves #12682
  • e346b0cf8ffd8bdf25281f862de7a82c9dd03598 hdtorrents: remove . from keywords. resolves #12654 (#12658)
  • 025baf450bbb4f76ea2a8fd91e83c77bd24e5f78 mejortorrent: add unblockit domain (#12680)

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