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pre-release20 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • d3c9328575791055e9464503902900a73c04c46a torrentech: remove v2 indexer. #13323
  • 5256828d4c4434e11a2aec28df18bbb86e9d522f bitbr: update dual replacement
  • 5ee9048df95f74e34f874c4a050b39ac524950cc acervos: update dual replacement
  • c574c4c476c2479e3cfecdd00a739094595b3bc2 bitbr: swap dual for language tags on title (#13322)
  • b63b380ca25a8c734b82bb6f53c237c7e1b14ae8 Add acervos a private Brazilian site (#13321) resolves #13324
  • 78fdb3909923ff057aa8be59069a9f781742cc95 portugas: correct descr
  • 35b37d0495fc5dcb854648d683e228d8999f8988 skipthecommercials: bump engine tag
  • c6e6eea19222e33ad686720f4985d5a60930dd1a Add MejorTorrent (#13320) resolves #12559
  • d08f5692136a8a97437be19f9fb187b204768ff4 animedia: f'ing lint
  • 49093f9092d4763875d177569ca22ae7b0f53368 animedia: prevent object reference error

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