github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.20.123-ls301

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 4e591e80a9635cd3fb3fa03fcce465416a058716 bitsearch: update download selectors
  • fbd48823045d58d282ab5ec7498ce6a9f3cb8280 solidtorrents: switch to html. resolves #4751
  • 78a843bb2f57c1099bfc0149f3ece7b349fd6c95 assorted: change unblockit proxy domain *.tv. resolves #12659 (#12678)
  • c04acc03e2640f20629dc982350c0303d693e416 torrent9clone: update download selector
  • 16400045ec63b0b07f69658cff0624d1cd0c77f8 movietorrent: change hash selector. resolves #12672
  • bffa21c9512e6eb89d61bf2870e973290b34865c cinecalidad: new layout and castellano language (#12676)
  • 9cd87f926b0e59485f7437965f6365bef1896e96 torrentwhiz: change domain * resolves #12670
  • 60ebcf00fd76c671d6b1bd9618bc14f3b5b1e70c torrent9clone: change domain *.si. resolves #12668
  • d6263eba4449c8e812e249f4c31e62c8db265670 opensharing: fix dlvf. resolves #12666
  • 1c4d05467fe7632e91d2451bc2219c55a223568b noname-club: update cats. resolves #12665 (#12677)
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  • 06ebe86e306610ae24a17a953cb0a384281d8f3b mypornclub: update search path. resolves #12664
  • e1cf0f033af4edc9a01c340f3e31c857499b9f88 filelisting: lowercase keywords only. resolves #12662

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