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pre-release21 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Rebase to Focal.

Jackett Changes:


  • 36e76ba32ed7933db1a2536f3f9ba978cba5e0ef mteamtp: use DL from details page. resolves #13261
  • 7868aa62107211c36302b9fa9f76f403caf69380 knaben: fix books/mags id
  • 751aa4002a20a1b379c46a1ea8ac1d5d5969f01a fouducinema: revert to 3xT and update categories. #8260
  • ae8ba98750a64d3432881540e11694dc34241cd9 knaben: cat id fix, more mismatches
  • e5215db27845ff63d6677ef5fbab8687c082b5d2 knaben: fix cat id site mismatch
  • fd522272dff978c9929643b2eeff425b59434796 knaben: fix books/other due to site db/search missmatch
  • 316933d3921272f823824b531ba43b9759d094b0 knaben: add public meta-search engine. resolves #13258 (#13259)
  • 5020f6d12585a9ca335eb035ddac764dfa5ed41c add btmirror a public DHT trawler. resolves #13257

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