github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.20.1018-ls441

pre-release22 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 62c908baffe0db5427cba865e5f40745fc117f39 actions: publish release to winget (#13225)
  • 20efb195fc20bf3935b3d0010f17968ffdb60666 torrentqq: bump domain
  • 094a442d2bb363edc985a4d6d160914a6efce18a skipthecommercials: bump engine tag
  • b052282eaa336dcf9c29863ddb6c06d5d610e0cd Inno setup: pass MyAppVersion as a parameter (#13224)
  • c124870a45fb482ae8aa3707070e92db48d4fdda assorted unit3d: bump engine tags
  • 4d834e277c5a3f4bae83b744f83eeb2149105e22 redbits: use category_id
  • 15de9f01df08f75ae582bea75875e0ae15ed7025 generationfree: use category_id

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