github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.19.62-ls259

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 2c5369ee49f0b91c4c9320218217f5b54f6598f4 torrentleech: C# -> yaml
  • 5822194133b61203bff7490811349b4c4f4742c0 torrent-paradise-ml: C# -> yaml
  • 5d00fda03e02571e458ba40bd3cd5dceb3d52478 core: cardigann json: add NoResultsMessage to Search Paths Response block
  • a605a2935a0d8df61fed935fba242c2714ac1151 puntotorrent:: this completes the conform to yaml standards by avoiding duplicate keys. resolves #11917
  • 14ffab1f9e3661e27f4a649f9d003c651b7464e2 assorted: conform to yaml standards by avoiding duplicate keys #11917
  • 2816a5d35acde63600e9ca7426300162ee8ea27f anilibria: C# -> yaml
  • 0c9b3af94b2478b9f6931c8527b046661115bc40 filelisting: seeders and leechers can be missing. resolves #12454
  • b8436e9f95a8538b3f4cd3795f44478dd296b525 rintornet: exclude junk. resolves #12455
  • 16ed6dc7f725d5c981bb778d78d69a54a79bda73 torrentdownload: add new cats. resolves #12456
  • f90daafd3fcc4ada43f20a4322c7df45d50a26e7 torrentparadise: add default cat. resolves #12457
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  • a48115ca0c58d312249a53af0e1e2421cd366cf3 elitetorrent-biz: replace size=desc. -> 512MB resolves #12458
  • 08a2f852816b893dded31c80af48815d2d198972 redbits: refresh categories (#12459)
  • cdc1832057d8690683eae1d82685f1e3f3979103 femdomcult: refresh categories (#12453)
  • 75f642d97a1ad67cc85465df2fa62134f78121db bitsearch: update categories. resolves #12444
  • 15d28af54fa4f20772e47ad284870341df6c9099 assorted: conform to yaml standards by avoiding duplicate keys #11917

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