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pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 138c622c5d4612a431a43d3af676f0fd7feb7454 movietorrent: use infohash
  • 1774bf7c183be7de38bc3344c39116cd16959788 torrentsir: use infohash
  • 7b072967b3dad9d5ec74df0265a727a53ad40785 torrentwhiz: use infohash
  • d8efe489f49513ae6378fa33058c490fea73275c torrentmax: clean up infohash
  • 6bc65d81a1655e18a7f1355608f3eace47602b18 bitsearch: drop redndant selectors: statement.
  • bf81033c27c7b39bd2a9af95abda782ee796450a torrentmax: fix 2e5ef30
  • 7c653c66f9b3d5503dd23032b0066d2d4e40e1c2 newpct: all official mirrors redirect to new site
  • c75097fb708b633ee27255dc324586acad5e50af lostfilm: www. subdomain forced
  • 9d1f8bb387c906e5c43ebe42c368493306378d44 exttorrents: change mirror subdomain site.*
  • 4ae0511f50147cdd93fc03af2b8278cd284edbb6 empornium2fa: change subdomain for mirror www.*
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  • 58511783810d1df63b41d93e07f70f342b403fb0 empornium: change subdomain for mirror www.*
  • 18a876395ddce092210d40497b7b49da66562996 cpasbien: change site link www.*.nz
  • 275974eb767d0e3f12093e31f74c85d707141d1c audiobookbay: change domain for mirror *.ws
  • 0d234a507495a913bda08867111a966182ca76d9 hdtorrents: drop *.net #12411
  • dcaa23e8715c743dde19757905bb9bd66118c6c7 solidtorrents: add support for numeric cats. resolves #12405
  • 69b69ce0a384f5c3e190711e3a8235e0f8b83980 newpct-me: replace text that is in place of size. resolves #12408
  • 2e5ef30a96a6470a6d3dc387554a5bb5e0f25d31 torrentmax: refine row selector to remove categories without torrents. resolves #12406
  • 99fd3a117bf2d15328f1fdf42cbfd0f8274c1ddf tvvault: add delay between requests and fix search & download (#12412)
  • d22043d1e51ae43b493e05dad032fd134be29ecd torrentmax: change link *
  • 89d6f44d6f9249fe66fdc51a5dda1a5c9d7d3a68 morethantv: fix login and cookie size issue (#12410)
  • 382d0dfe19bd65fbe30d51a62e2c3b967c47d1c8 0magnet: refine row selector & add andmatch filter. resolves #12401 resolves #12402
  • 2f3e41ed55f3d2cb8e3dfa0bdc38ca94a38965e7 pornolab: update categories (#12409)
  • e9125670241579fd0930e9f03fc9ba8ddeecd2fa puntotorrent: refresh categories (#12407)
  • df676719c4e6b1bbcbba809c4cffab36d80b8bae pornolab: add search by categories (#12399)
  • 85c4c4f170cdee0e5fb820adb9b5141b3740b26b toloka: add search by categories (#12400)
  • 9df84d76e7fd1a81bc1f25316171e0218eba95e9 rutracker: add search by categories. resolves #12397 (#12398)
  • 88ab9db4619bcb7de0abfe4c186d7e0e515678bb add mactorrentsdownload a public site. resolves #12396
  • a3b2ad054c99414300bba4a0b4f61964e51152e3 oops fix android cat

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