github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.18.578-ls190

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 8f34947c241ac8e160cd7259c07ca286a406bdb8 firebit: new dateparse
  • e1ad56b12a886ee998d254d23c338de208b00eda btetree: handles missing leading 0 from datetime HH:mm
  • f832bca9eb84fb8d276bf581aa3c47453366acf0 bitru: date selector has moved.
  • cc702f50dceafa02221021fe92c348f4358270e3 baibako: fix dateparse for the month of March
  • 1c248561f799821a879bc99eac6635788d99608c bigfangroup: fix dateparse for month of March
  • a69852d51e66c80523d22129213021bea6f004a6 1337x: fix 4am dateparse
  • 414860618c95099ed5bf67c1c073ec0c7e8fee02 rintor: default sort created desc
  • 2b227ffeb01894146f3c5aaa82612d09352ed056 turktorrent: fix dateparse
  • ff6ba97b0ee1cffbceb6173c04cfa2eb56f13128 thehorrorcharnel: fix dateparse
  • ce1a5bcafd1b19dfac73d29893436ed3c0a25ca9 swarmazon: new dateparse
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  • abf62d66fdd809b5240df1160c5c4b78c4d8530b ptfiles: drop posters
  • c9002325f7df3b4df3ee7482636cd32c9164d0a1 pornbits: fix dateparse
  • deab572396e7b73bf6d3ebaf3344940321a97623 peersfm: fix date detection for month of May
  • d47a7397be6d669994d1ab1ef693cbf343f4bfa1 libranet: appemd book type to title
  • b3809e3f44661c1b2fe3f45027d890572ed0d391 jptv: hide posters with placeholder img

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