github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.18.317-ls138

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 044cfa851cae1b072580724cc44061a25fafe0ce 1337x; add fallback DL resolves #11865
  • 04ee81430e3ba25fc045b01f64c49eb9f0560aee core: added download selectors to the download block (#11907)
  • f8fc1b986b95ae7ad9f666caf2bd62bb8e231d0d exttorrents: update categories. resolves #11916
  • b26b4717ef041fa43b1e45ff6e4033353b91e695 retroflix: use scene format for movies. resolves #10883 (#11915)
  • c9e6015e99b9426ee7a575315b49c78571261241 retroflix: fix search api error. resolves #11881 (#11914)
  • 131c7fea94dc4eef5a2f87fb239a3150d76295f7 torrentland: fix parsing errors and remove prefix tags (#11913)
  • 94a1381572b80211e4da057bd1d59867f5ee93cb torrentparadise: new domain *.pm resolves #11912

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