github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.18.255-ls131

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • c5283113c577c4880fdc7d1ef272c1b7d31273c6 orpheus: fixed api toggle (#11875)
  • 1b2e772413f239cfe743853ceab0313adbc3a593 orpheus: oops has2fa true #5912
  • 8d6c2d50c0b194d87865c076005fe546fa9dfe49 orpheus: added api token support (#11868)
  • 2a38d5f64055f0e559e09a01234e7ee84ebb9cf5 orpheus: add passkey to config. resolves #11728 (#11815)
  • c29c63af18caf64cbc9080e9186fb5ea4fbf3998 hdhouse: update categories & category ids
  • bd464beb7d207cd8c6425325eb7a6e08a16c5ce5 fouducinema: update categories
  • 26100576ff845d42e11761d8ad038a7c0c5471ba underversel: add new category
  • 54bb45567e93a43976119d99310c53cec6c65239 underverse: add new category. resolves #11872
  • 66001256f39c4daa8d31f75868ab6cf32b2e89f0 bwtorrents: update categories
  • 670cbfdf68aecb4a3888eb673d0e78b37eaeb1a5 core: fix rss version 2.0 in rss and torznab responses (#11871)
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  • 8f649dc9d2ba31286a67bb09d37c959230971e68 thesceneplace: update categories
  • f322c0ed943b323e9bad4acc0249ef84f2c6825d newpct: adapt torrent download url for maxitorrent domain only (#11863)

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