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pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 4de2124b9883635e54aa6d63f1c9e195aabed421 assorted: -> *.onl
  • 00c1ffa8c603dc30a89a1d7264ac4b79606365d4 MoreThanTv: Add support for Season, Ep params for Sonarr. resolves #11527 (#11666)
  • c1cbede92fcb5895ba3458d3ac2a7423a0fb5131 hdtime: add MR
  • 52be410655aca7aef3db3d33c7d2231cdb86d0c7 indexer: fix xthor api state, cleaning and removing old dev mode (#11665)
  • 0b630cee7c5b48b98fdf89f17a2e5d33b009a467 anime-free: change keywordless search to all time rather than last 24hrs
  • 86b369ef1e2b8c4dfe168da67ad15ba081726021 piratadigital: drop tvdbid support while they are on unit3d 2.7.0 resolves #11660
  • 1310206d9e2a9813288f93d6f0dbbd5af1dfd8e8 pier720: update categories
  • de6c365865f7e55bba33cf182e15adfbfdf9bbdd cilipro: remove dead domains
  • cbd14c2b2d7899ddbdd684f0bbab7fa548779751 torrentqq: new domain *
  • 324abe94a32e1022e0b934424b49517574b633ef shizaproject: site forcing https. #11659
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  • 0126e20984059a2565eca8236c9f2c1fec967d9f issue template: minor edit (#11658)
  • 22ef17fe5ba21df5fe46ee2816606dc35914a3ff tjangto: removed, down for 30 days. resolves #11216 (#11655)

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