github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.17.931-ls82

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.

Jackett Changes:


  • 84689fbdcdbdcf66ec9bde7788a4e38298959fff Revert "ilcorsaroblu: ignore invalid cert"
  • 7c5af2dbde6a836fcb836ac22078539585addbc6 ilcorsaroblu: ignore invalid cert
  • 7a680c316297bda3f91e1cf8324ab3396fb7688a marinetracker: add new category
  • 642f66de4462d090d4bf460021d38f6a0de6670b fouducinema: update categories
  • 1f4210ded6f16f2cacc7b8d864be270bcf023fa0 erzsebet: oops fix
  • 51400dd8b2bb8601d30130305ef3a668a890428b erzsebet: update categories
  • 7e5c63ddff8cbd9b7ace4f5e81f8c51a45de00d0 r3vwtf: update row selector
  • 0a38b26436373092c4824ce311da082c03c0ecda teamos: drop www. to prevent redirect
  • 1d8209f2ddd3e9d72961be0c5514cffc6085c155 seedfile: add new category
  • 8d370318fbc9e32ff199503b4566a5848dd0375b Revert "torrentdownloads: drop *.me domain #1559"
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  • 46773ca1eebf7cd65bf430d235949cf0d306d2f3 torrentdownloads: drop *.me domain #1559
  • 0a49cae6e62d907de6db24279ed2c2029cffa573 assorted: swap unblocked proxy for nocensor. resolves #11379 (#11578)
  • 9cce45e19333de8957e77c0181c398942a9d1353 torrentz2: removed, down for 30 days. resolves #1040 (#11575)
  • b848ecf5e68ab5e14dfc0096b23959a93b6e15e3 shellife: removed, down for 30 days. resolves #721 (#11574)
  • 6ec5563dc988c13f163a34033e42e517c36ac633 yingk: removed, down for 30 days. resolves #8823 (#11573)
  • de4cabb9b688ff1a566e6fafb6f849b19b12e6c1 funreleases: removed, down for 30 days. resolves #9812 (#11572)

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