github linuxserver/docker-jackett development-v0.17.638-ls36

pre-release2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Remove agressive startup chowning.
Jackett Changes:


  • 1f4d390b9c187debbbb967d78255652195511d41 kinonavse100: prevent 0 results for keyword-less search
  • f704bea7c61da86c0307154b654e1a659f7d25b1 tellytorrent: change domain *.to
  • a75e5561d0cc4b238939903cd37c3b1e40541376 oxtorrent: change domain www.*.tv
  • 4b1d38aef0f1b89216d4dda02ec1f6797f92718c torrentview: * -> *
  • 77cf92af130a93a214a1251ab65860362cbffef8 torrentqq: * -> *
  • 45314c3fe3b45783b511cab528f7403fb74c3381 hdreactor: new layout html and cats
  • 11bbc76e5b40003497939d47d8ba7368b7884cfa underverse: * redirects to *.se
  • 0771d189b80ec4e8c1c95a69948a17970bd618f2 teracod: dont carry over old moviezone configs #9743
  • f137d5539e67317ea4e29998d8cb51593ab75408 hellastz: new layout html #9408
  • 9abea0deef2b32848e7955fd00c61cbdcedb50b4 fouducinema: update categories
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  • bec0323321dbacac04af0e23526b65cbb97c0ce9 teracod: add to readme #9743
  • f09629c8815f27900191de2290db4bdb148f782b moviezone: migrated to teracod. resolves #9743

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