github linuxserver/docker-healthchecks v3.3-ls226

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21 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

No longer write envs to Envs will take precedence over any existing values in config file. Removed REGENERATE_SETTINGS as it is now obsolete.

healthchecks Changes:


  • Add support for $NAME_JSON and $BODY_JSON placeholders in webhook payloads
  • Update the WhatsApp integration to use Twilio Content Templates
  • Add auto-refresh functionality to the Log page (#957, @mickBoat00)
  • Redesign the "Status Badges" page
  • Add support for per-check status badges (#853)
  • Add "Last ping subject" field in email notifications
  • Change the signup flow to accept registered users (and sign them in instead)
  • Implement event type filtering in the Log page (#873)
  • Implement dynamic favicon in the "Checks" and "Details" pages (#971, @princekhunt)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Gotify integration to handle Gotify server URLs with paths (#964)
  • Update notification templates to handle cases where check's last ping value is null
  • Make statsd metrics collection optional (to enable, set STATSD_HOST env var)

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