github linuxserver/docker-healthchecks v2.2-ls127

latest release: v2.2.1-ls127
14 days ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Fix CSRF setting for Django 4.0 (introduced in v1.25.0)

healthchecks Changes:


  • Add address verification step in the "Change Email" flow
  • Reduce logging output from sendalerts and sendreports management commands (#656)
  • Add Ctrl+C handler in sendalerts and sendreports management commands
  • Add notes in docs about configuring uWSGI via UWSGI_ env vars (#656)
  • Implement login link expiration (login links will now expire in 1 hour)
  • Add Gotify integration (#270)
  • Add API support for reading/writing the subject and subject_fail fields (#659)
  • Add "Disabled" priority for Pushover notifications (#663)

Bug Fixes

  • Update hc.front.views.channels to handle empty strings in settings (#635)
  • Add logic to handle ContentDecodingError exceptions

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