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3 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

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healthchecks Changes:


  • Load settings from environment variables
  • Add "List-Unsubscribe" header to alert and report emails
  • Don't send monthly reports to inactive accounts (no pings in 6 months)
  • Add search box in the "My Checks" page
  • Add read-only API key support
  • Remove Profile.bill_to field (obsolete)
  • Show a warning when running with DEBUG=True
  • Add "channels" attribute to the Check API resource
  • Can specify channel codes when updating a check via API
  • Add a workaround for email agents automatically opening "Unsubscribe" links
  • Add field, users can now name integrations
  • Add "Get a List of Existing Integrations" API call

Bug Fixes

  • During DST transition, handle ambiguous dates as pre-transition

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