github linuxserver/docker-healthchecks v1.19.0-ls82

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15 months ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Add libffi-dev to allow building of python cryptography lib.
healthchecks Changes:


  • Add tighter parameter checks in hc.front.views.serve_doc
  • Update OpsGenie instructions (#450)
  • Update the email notification template to include more check and last ping details
  • Improve the crontab snippet in the "Check Details" page (#465)
  • Add Signal integration (#428)
  • Change Zulip onboarding, ask for the zuliprc file (#202)
  • Add a section in Docs about running self-hosted instances
  • Add experimental Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml
  • Add rate limiting for Pushover notifications (6 notifications / user / minute)
  • Add support for disabling specific integration types (#471)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix unwanted HTML escaping in SMS and WhatsApp notifications
  • Fix a crash when adding an integration for an empty Trello account
  • Change icon CSS class prefix to 'ic-' to work around Fanboy's filter list

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