github linuxserver/docker-healthchecks v1.13.0-ls49

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2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Add postgres client and fix config for CSRF.
healthchecks Changes:


  • Show a red "!" in project's top navigation if any integration is not working
  • createsuperuser management command requires an unique email address (#318)
  • For superusers, show "Site Administration" in top navigation, note in README (#317)
  • Make Ping.body size limit configurable (#301)
  • Show sub-second durations with higher precision, 2 digits after decimal point (#321)
  • Replace the gear icon with three horizontal dots icon (#322)
  • Add a Pause button in the checks list (#312)
  • Documentation in Markdown
  • Added an example of capturing and submitting log output (#315)
  • The sendalerts commands measures dwell time and reports it over statsd protocol
  • Django 3.0.3
  • Show a warning in top navigation if the project has no integrations (#327)

Bug Fixes

  • Increase the allowable length of Matrix room alias to 100 (#320)
  • Make sure Check.last_ping and Ping.created timestamps match exactly
  • Don't trigger "down" notifications when changing schedule interactively in web UI
  • Fix sendalerts crash loop when encountering a bad cron schedule
  • Stricter cron validation, reject schedules like "At midnight of February 31"
  • In hc.front.views.ping_details, if a ping does not exist, return a friendly message

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