github linuxserver/docker-healthchecks v1.12.0-ls48

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2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Add postgres client and fix config for CSRF.
healthchecks Changes:


  • Django 3.0
  • "Filtering Rules" dialog, an option to require HTTP POST (#297)
  • Show Healthchecks version in Django admin header (#306)
  • Added JSON endpoint for (#304)
  • senddeletionnotices command skips profiles with recent last_active_date
  • The "Update Check" API call can update check's description (#311)

Bug Fixes

  • Don't set CSRF cookie on first visit. Signup is exempt from CSRF protection
  • Fix List-Unsubscribe email header value: add angle brackets
  • Unsubscribe links serve a form, and require HTTP POST to actually unsubscribe
  • For webhook integration, validate each header line separately
  • Fix "Send Test Notification" for webhooks that only fire on checks going up
  • Don't allow adding webhook integrations with both URLs blank
  • Don't allow adding email integrations with both "up" and "down" unchecked

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