github linuxserver/docker-healthchecks v1.11.0-ls44

latest releases: v2.2.1-ls128, v2.2.1-ls127, v2.2-ls127...
2 years ago

LinuxServer Changes:

Add postgres client and fix config for CSRF.
healthchecks Changes:


  • In monthly reports, no downtime stats for the current month (month has just started)
  • Add Microsoft Teams integration (#135)
  • Add Profile.last_active_date field for more accurate inactive user detection
  • Add "Shell Commands" integration (#302)
  • PagerDuty integration works with or without PD_VENDOR_KEY (#303)

Bug Fixes

  • On mobile, "My Checks" page, always show the gear (Details) button (#286)
  • Make log events fit better on mobile screens

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