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Hardware Probe Tool 1.3

latest releases: 1.6.5, 1.6.4, 1.6.3...
6 years ago

New Features

  1. Docker image for HW Probe to run anywhere
  2. Detecting NVMe drives
  3. Create offline collections of probes with -import option
  4. Collecting logs in C.UTF-8 locale
  5. Added probes: vulkaninfo, iostat, vainfo, uptime, memtester, cpuinfo, i2cdetect, numactl and lsinitrd
  6. Made -dump-acpi and -decode-acpi public options
  7. Improved support for Alpine Linux

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed detection of computer vendor/model
  2. Fixed detection of HWid
  3. Fixed collecting of X11 logs
  4. Fixed xdpyinfo probe

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