github linkerd/linkerd2 stable-2.8.1


This release fixes multicluster gateways support on EKS.

  • The multicluster service-mirror has been extended to resolve DNS names for
    target clusters when an IP address is not known.
  • Linkerd checks could fail when run from the dashboard. Thanks to @alex-berger
    for providing a fix!
  • Have the service mirror controller check in linkerd check retry on failures.
  • As of this version we're including a Chocolatey package (Windows) next to the
    other binaries in the release assets in GitHub.
  • Base images have been updated:
    • debian:buster-20200514-slim
    • grafana/grafana:7.0.3
  • The shell scripts under bin continued to be improved, thanks to @joakimr-axis!
latest releases: edge-20.10.4, edge-20.10.3, edge-20.10.2...
4 months ago