github linkerd/linkerd2 edge-20.9.2


This edge release continues the work of adding support for mTLS for all TCP
traffic and changes the default container registry to from

If you are upgrading from stable-2.8.x with the Linkerd CLI using the
linkerd upgrade command, you must add the --addon-overwrite flag to ensure
that the grafana image is properly set.

  • Removed the default timeout for ServiceProfiles so that ServiceProfile routes
    behave the same as when there is no ServiceProfile definition
  • Changed default docker image repository to from Users who
    pull the images into private repositories should take note of this change

  • Added endpoint labels to outbound TCP metrics to provide more context and
    detail for the metrics, add load balancing to TCP connections
    (bypassing kube-proxy), and secure the connection with mTLS when both
    endpoints are meshed
  • Made unnamed ServiceProfile discovery configurable using the
    proxy.destinationGetNetworks variable to set the
  • Added TLS certificate validation for the Injector, SP Validator, and Tap
    webhooks to the linkerd check command
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one month ago