github linkerd/linkerd2 edge-20.9.1


This edge release contains an important proxy update that allows linkerd to
continue to operate normally in HA during node outages. We're also adding full
Kubernetes 1.19 support!

  • Improved the proxy's error handling for DNS errors encountered when
    discovering control plane addresses, which can be common during installation,
    before all components have been started
  • The destination and identity services had to be made headless in order to
    support that new controller discovery (which now can leverage SRV records)
  • Use SAN fields when generating the linkerd webhook configs; this completes the
    Kubernetes 1.19 support which enforces them
  • Fixed linkerd check for multicluster that was spuriously claiming the
    absence of some resources
  • Improved the injection test cleanup (thanks @zhouhao3!)
  • Added ability to run the integration test suite using a cluster in an ARM
    architecture (thanks @aliariff!)
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one month ago