github linkerd/linkerd2 edge-20.8.1


This edge adds multi-arch support to Linkerd! Our docker images and CLI now
support the amd64, arm64, and arm architectures.

  • Multicluster
    • Added a multicluster unlink command for removing multicluster links
    • Improved multicluster checks to be more informative when the remote API is
      not reachable
  • Proxy
    • Enabled a multi-threaded runtime to substantially improve latency especially
      when the proxy is serving requests for many concurrent connections
  • Other
    • Fixed an issue where the debug sidecar image was missing during upgrades
      (thanks @javaducky!)
    • Updated all control plane plane and proxy container images to be multi-arch
      to support amd64, arm64, and arm (thanks @aliariff!)
    • Fixed an issue where check was failing when DisableHeartBeat was set to true
      (thanks @mvaal!)
latest releases: edge-20.10.3, edge-20.10.2, edge-20.10.1...
2 months ago