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This edge brings a new approach to multicluster service mirror controllers and
the way services in target clusters are selected for mirroring.

The long-awaited Bring-Your-Own-Prometheus case has been finally addressed.

Many other improvements from our great contributors are described below. Also
note progress is still being made under the covers for future support for Service
Topologies (by @Matei207) and delivering image builds in multiple platforms (by

  • Multicluster
    • Replaced the single service-mirror controller, with separate controllers
      that will be installed per target cluster through linkerd multicluster link.
      More info here.
    • Changed the mechanism for mirroring services: instead of relying on
      annotations on the target services, now the source cluster should specify
      which services from the target cluster should be exported by using a label
      selector. More info here.
    • Added new section in the dashboard for exposing multicluster gateway metrics
      (thanks @tharun208!)
  • Prometheus
    • Added global.prometheusUrl to the Helm config to have linkerd use an
      external Prometheus instance instead of the one provided by default.
    • Added ability to declare sidecar containers in the Prometheus Helm config.
      This allows adding components for cases like exporting logs to services
      such as Cloudwatch, Stackdriver, Datadog, etc. (thanks @memory!)
    • Upgraded Prometheus to the latest version (v2.19.3), which should consume
      substantially less memory, among other benefits.
  • Other
    • Fixed bug in linkerd check that was failing to wait for Prometheus to be
      available right after having installed linkerd.
    • Added ability to set priorityClassName for CNI DaemonSet pods, and to
      install CNI in an existing namespace (both options provided through the CLI
      and as Helm configs) (thanks @alex-berger!)
    • Added support for overriding the proxy's inbound and outbout TCP connection
      timeouts (thanks @mmiller1!)
    • Added library support for dashboard i18n. Strings still need to be tagged
      and translations to be added. More info
    • In some Helm charts, replaced the non-standard annotation with checksum/config for
      forcing restarting the component during upgrades (thanks @naseemkullah!)
    • Upgraded the proxy init-container to v1.3.4, which comes with an updated
      debian-buster distro and will provide cleaner logs listing the iptables
      rules applied.
latest releases: edge-20.10.6, edge-20.10.5, edge-20.10.4...
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