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This edge release moves Linkerd's bundled Prometheus into an add-on. This makes
the Linkerd Prometheus more configurable, gives it a separate upgrade lifecycle
from the rest of the control plane, and will allow users to disable the bundled
Prometheus instance. In addition, this release includes fixes for several
issues, including a regression where the proxy would fail to report OpenCensus

  • Prometheus is now an optional add-on, enabled by default
  • Custom tolerations can now be specified for control plane resources when
    installing with Helm (thanks @DesmondH0!)
  • Evicted data plane pods are no longer considered to be failed by
    linkerd check --proxy, fixing an issue where the check would be retried
    indefinitely as long as evicted pods are present
  • Fixed a regression where proxy spans were not reported to OpenCensus
  • Fixed a bug where the proxy injector would fail to render skipped port lists
    when installed with Helm
  • Internal improvements to the proxy for lower latencies under high concurrency
  • Thanks to @Hellcatlk and @surajssd for adding new unit tests and spelling
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3 months ago