github linkerd/linkerd2 edge-20.7.1


This edge release features the option to persist prometheus data to a volume
instead of memory, so that historical metrics are available when prometheus is
restarted. Additional changes are outlined in the bullet points below.

  • Some commands like linkerd stat would fail if any control plane components
    were unhealthy, even when other replicas are healthy. The check conditions
    for these commands have been improved
  • The helm chart can now configure persistent storage for Prometheus
    (thanks @naseemkullah!)
  • The proxy log output format can now be configured to plain or json using
    the annotation or the
    global.proxy.logFormat value in the helm chart
    (thanks again @naseemkullah!)
  • linkerd install --addon-config= now supports URLs in addition to local
  • The CNI Helm chart used the incorrect variable name to determine the createdBy
    version tag. This is now controlled by cniPluginVersion in the helm chart
  • The proxy's default buffer size has been increased, which reduces latency when
    the proxy has many concurrent clients
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3 months ago