github linkerd/linkerd2 edge-20.6.2


This edge release is our second release candidate for stable-2.8, including
various fixes and improvements around multicluster support.

  • CLI
    • Fixed bad output in the linkerd multicluster gateways command
    • Improved the error returned when running the CLI with no KUBECONFIG path set
      (thanks @Matei207!)
  • Controller
    • Fixed issue where mirror service wasn't created when paired to a gateway
      whose external IP wasn't yet provided
    • Fixed issue where updating the gateway identity annotation wasn't propagated
      back into the mirror gateway endpoints object
    • Fixed issue where updating the gateway ports wasn't reflected in the gateway
      mirror service
    • Increased the log level for some of the service mirror events
    • Changed the nginx gateway config so that it runs as non-root and denies all
      requests to locations other than the probe path
  • Web UI
    • Fixed multicluster Grafana dashboard
  • Internal
    • Added flag in integration tests to dump fixture diffs into a separate
      directory (thanks @cypherfox!)
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4 months ago