github linkerd/linkerd2 edge-20.6.1


This edge release is a release candidate for stable-2.8! It introduces several
improvements and fixes for multicluster support.

  • CLI
    • Added multicluster daisy chain checks to linkerd check
    • Added list of successful gateways in multicluster checks section of linkerd check
  • Controller
    • Renamed nginx-configuration ConfigMap to linkerd-gateway-config (please
      manually remove the former if upgrading from an earlier multicluster
      install, thanks @mayankshah1607!)
    • Renamed multicluster gateway ports to mc-gateway and mc-probe
    • Fixed Service Profiles routes for linkerd-prometheus
  • Internal
    • Fixed shellcheck errors in all bin/ scripts (thanks @joakimr-axis!)
  • Helm
    • Added support for linkerd mc allow
    • Added ability to disable secret rescources for self-signed certs (thanks
  • Proxy
    • Modified the linkerd-gateway component to use the inbound proxy, rather
      than nginx, for gateway; this allows Linkerd to detect loops and propogate
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4 months ago