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This edge release is a release candidate for stable-2.9.0. It overhauls the
discovery and routing logic implemented by the proxy, simplifies the way that
Linkerd stores configuration, and adds new Helm values to configure additional
labels, annotations, and namespace selectors for webhooks.

  • Added podLabels and podAnnotations Helm values to allow adding additional
    labels or annotations to Linkerd control plane pods (thanks @tustvold!)
  • Added namespaceSelector Helm value for configuring the namespace selector
    used by admission webhooks (thanks @tustvold!)
  • Expanded the 'linkerd edges' command to show TCP connections
  • Overhauled the discovery and routing logic implemented by the proxy:
    • The l5d-dst-override header is no longer honored
    • When the application attempts to connect to a pod IP, the proxy no
      longer load balances these requests among all pods in the service.
      The proxy will now honor session-stickiness as selected by an
      application-level load balancer
    • TrafficSplits are only applied when a client targets a service's IP
    • The proxy no longer performs DNS "canonicalization" to translate
      relative host header names to a fully-qualified form
  • Simplified the way that Linkerd stores its configuration. Configuration is
    now stored as Helm values in the linkerd-config ConfigMap
  • Renamed the --addon-config flag to --config to clarify this flag can be used
    to set any Helm value
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12 days ago