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Twake 2021.Q1.385



  • Twake is on OVH! OVH is a french infrastructure provider, it is a big step for us. Good bye Amazon 👋
  • Started migration to NodeJS from PHP (30%) for faster and lighter server, compatibility with MongoDB and more!
  • Move to from socketcluster for more robust websockets.
  • We are now compatible with the Twake Console. Twake account and group management will be soon fully replaced by the Console.
  • Big performances upgrades, we fixed a lot of memory leaks in the last weeks.


  • Ability to join and leave channels.
  • Channel activity messages.
  • Access and rights for channel creation updated (now everyone can create channels).
  • Favorite direct channels, now you can put your direct channels in favorites too.
  • Channel groups are back! Yes, you can again create groups of channels to organize your workspace.
  • Channel members list: see who is in a channel and manage members


  • Now you only receive badge notification for threads you follow and when you are mentionned.
  • Other messages in channel will update the channel text to bold.


  • Ability to preview coding files and markdown files
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3 months ago