github linagora/Twake v2020.Q3.107

Twake 2020.Q3.107



  • Workspace members search and list improvement
  • New apple emoji set
  • Fix unwanted deconnections and missing notifications
  • Fix autocompletion glitches
  • Added Russian translations
  • Improve missing translations
  • Improve design with smaller components
  • Simplier installation procedure
  • OIDC auth mode for On-Premise installations
  • Brand global style and logos customization
  • New emoji style on Apple devices


  • New message feed design
  • Improve performance in messages list and when getting previous messages
  • Ability to prepare files before sending them with a message
  • Ability to add files in a thread
  • Allow ctrl-v documents in messages
  • Ability to get a link to a specific thread
  • Change formatting rules to be markdown compatible
  • New notifications parameters per channels (@mention, @all or nothing)
  • Channel description header
  • Side view for threads
  • Shortcuts for last message edition
  • Show only relevant private channels


  • Built-in connectors, no second server required
  • LinShare document selection connector for messages
  • Jitsi select meeting name
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7 months ago