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Analysis engine bugfixes

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3 years ago

If you're a new user, don't forget to check out this section for getting started and basic usage! If you don't know which version to choose (OpenCL, CUDA, Eigen, Eigen AVX2), read this:

This is a quick bugfix release. See notes for previous release for info about for major recent improvements, including significant strength improvements, new features you can specify to configure KataGo's behavior and make it play a wider variety of moves, and various performance enhancements.

Also, KataGo is continuing to improve at and if you'd like to donate your spare GPU cycles and support it, it could use your help there!

As before, attached here are "bs29" versions of KataGo. These are just for fun, and don't support distributed training but DO support board sizes up to 29x29. They may also be slower and will use much more memory, even when only playing on 19x19, so you should use them only when you really want to try large boards.

Changes In This Release

  • Fixed bug where analysis engine would crash if a query was terminated before the query began analyzing.
  • Analysis engine will now output ownership to an accuracy of 10^-6 and all other values to an accuracy of 7-8 decimal places past the most significant digit. Hopefully this is more than enough precision for all practical purposes, while noticeably reducing the response message size.
  • Parameter overrides in the analysis engine for entirely unknown parameters will now warn and still perform the query ignoring that parameter instead of producing an error.
  • Got rid of a harmless race in the contribute command for KataGo distributed training that could produce slightly more confusing output or error messages.

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