github lightvector/KataGo v1.4.2
Major PDA/pondering bugfixes, fixed pondering limits

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4 years ago

If you're upgrading from a version before v1.4.0, please see the v1.4.0 releases page for a variety of notes about the changes since v1.3.x that are new that you might care about, as well as the latest and strongest neural nets!

If you're a new user, don't forget to check out this section for getting started and basic usage!

This is a quick release to fix a few bugs, including one pretty major bug for certain configurations.


  • Fixed a bug introduced earlier in v1.4.x where in handicap games, or in even games where playoutDoublingAdvantage was set to a nonzero value, if pondering was also enabled at the same time, the search could sometimes contain values with different signs, greatly damaging the quality and strength of the search.

  • Fixed a bug introduced earlier in v1.4.x where analysis with nonzero playoutDoublingAdvantage would use the wrong sign.

  • For maxTimePondering, maxPlayoutsPondering, maxVisitsPondering, KataGo will now assume no limit (unbounded) if these values are not specified, instead of defaulting to using maxTime, maxPlayouts, maxVisits, respectively.

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