github lightvector/KataGo v1.4.1
Minor bugfixes, logging to directory

latest releases: v1.15.1, v1.15.0, v1.14.1...
4 years ago

This release is outdated, see releases page for more recent versions with further bugfixes. But also, if you're upgrading from a version before v1.4.0, please see the v1.4.0 releases page for a variety of notes about the changes since v1.3.x that are new that you might care about, as well as the latest and strongest neural nets!

This is a quick release to fix a minor bug and slightly improve log management.


  • Fixed a bug where if playoutDoublingAdvantage was manually specified in the config as a nonzero value at the same time pondering was enabled, then tree reuse would not occur, or be ineffective.
  • The GTP and analysis engines can now log dated files to a directory instead of just single file, via logDir=DIRECTORY instead of logFile=FILE.log. The default and example configs provided with this release have been updated to do so.

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