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New Neural Nets

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pre-release4 years ago

This is not intended to be a release of the main KataGo program, but rather just an update to the neural nets available as the run is ongoing. Also, more recent releases can be found here.

More nets!

These are all the new strongest neural net of each size so far. The 30 and 40 block nets perhaps gained perhaps 65 Elo each according to some partially-underway tests, while the 20-block net gained perhaps 55 Elo, since last release. These differences do have some uncertainty though, on the order of +/- 25 Elo (95% confidence), due to measurement noise.

You may notice from the filename that the 20 block net being released here is slightly older than the very latest 20 block net. Preliminary testing showed that this one may have gotten lucky with a random fluctuation, as there sometimes is between net versions, and may be a little stronger actually than the very latest, so I packaged up this one instead.

  • g170-b30c320x2-s2846858752-d829865719 - The latest 30-block net.
  • g170-b40c256x2-s2990766336-d830712531 - The latest 40-block net.
  • g170e-b20c256x2-s3761649408-d809581368 - The latest released 20-block net (continuing extended training on games from the bigger nets).


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