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Better Parameters and Defaults, Bugfixes, Minor GTP stuff

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4 years ago

For stronger neural nets and newer code, see this later release!

This is a quick followup release to the major changes in v1.3. It fixes some bugs and and improves a few things.

If you are upgrading from a much older version of KataGo, you probably want to skim over the release notes for v1.3 as well!


  • You can now delete or comment out the entire bottom half of your GTP config! You can remove everything below Root move selection and biases including all the Internal params. All of these parameters will now use good defaults if not specified. Deleting or commenting them out is recommended so that you pick up any future improvements to these parameters automatically, rather than manually having to update your config. (Except for any specific values that you are deliberately adjusting or experimenting with, of course).

  • Along with the above note, cpuctExplorationLog has been adjusted to 0.4. Based on a few thousand test games, the old value of 0.6 was likely a little large, the newer value should be slightly stronger at a variety of numbers of playouts. If you are using a v1.3 or older GTP config that hardcodes 0.6 or another value, this change will get picked up automatically if you delete the bottom half of the config as recommended above, or you can manually adjust this value yourself, otherwise you will NOT get this change.

  • Implements lz-genmove_analyze and kata-genmove_analyze GTP extensions.

  • Improves FP16 performance on Pascal-architecture NVIDIA GPUs (hopefully).

  • Fixes a bug in lead estimation training that could cause KataGo to sometimes greatly underestimate the lead if the lead is more extreme than about 70 points, and sometimes cap out around there (such as still reporting 70 when actually the true lead is 100+ points). Earlier g170 neural nets may continue to exhibit this bug in some cases (possibly not consistently), but ongoing nets such as the newer one attached here should be good.

  • Some other very minor fixes and improvements.

New Net

For stronger neural nets than this, see this later release!
Attached here is a newer net from the ongoing run ("g170 20 block s1.04G"). It should be about 120 Elo stronger than the strongest previous net. This net will also work with the prior v1.3 release - the changes in this release are independent changes with no effects on compatibility of KataGo nets.

See the v1.3 release for some more neural nets, or here for all nets from this run released so far.

Have fun!

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