github lightninglabs/loop v0.12.1-beta

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2 years ago

New Features

  • A new flag, --verbose, or -v, is added to loop in, loop out and
    loop quote. Responses from these commands are also updated to provide more
    verbose info, giving users a more intuitive view about money paid
    on/off-chain and fees incurred. Use loop in -v, loop out -v,
    loop quote in -v or loop quote out -v to view the details.
  • A stripped down version of the Loop server is now provided as a
    Docker image. A quick
    start script and example docker-compose environment as well as
    documentation on how to use the regtest Loop server
    was added too.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug that would not list autoloop rules set on a per-peer basis when they
    were excluded due to insufficient budget, or the number of swaps in flight
    has been corrected. These rules will now be included in the output of
    suggestswaps with other autoloop peer rules.

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