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2 years ago

New Features

  • Autoloop can now be configured on a per-peer basis, rather than only on an
    individual channel level. This change allows desired liquidity thresholds
    to be set for an individual peer, rather than a specific channel, and
    leverages multi-loop-out to more efficiently manage liquidity. To configure
    peer-level rules, provide the 'setrule' command with the peer's pubkey.
  • Autoloop's fee API has been simplified to allow setting a single percentage
    which will be used to limit total swap fees to a percentage of the amount
    being swapped, the default budget has been updated to reflect this. Use
    loop setparams --feepercent={percentage} to update this value. This fee
    setting has been updated to the default for autoloop.
  • The default confirmation target for automated loop out swap sweeps has been
    increased to 100 blocks. This change will not affect the time it takes to
    acquire inbound liquidity, but will decrease the cost of swaps.

Bug Fixes

  • The loop dockerfile has been updated to use the make command so that the
    latest commit hash of the code being run will be included in loopd.
  • A bug where loop in on-chain fees were not recorded properly has been

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