github lightninglabs/loop v0.11.3-beta

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2 years ago
  • Fixed compile time compatibility with lnd v0.12.0-beta.

New Features

  • If lnd is locked when the loop client starts up, it will wait for lnd to be
    unlocked. Previous versions would exit with an error.
  • Loop will no longer need all lnd subserver macaroons to be present in the
    --lnd.macaroondir. Instead the new --lnd.macaroonpath option can be
    pointed to a single macaroon, for example the admin.macaroon or a custom
    baked one with the exact permissions needed for Loop. If the now deprecated
    flag/option --lnd.macaroondir is used, it will fall back to use only the
    admin.macaroon from that directory.
  • The rules used for autoloop have been relaxed to allow autoloop to dispatch
    swaps even if there are manually initiated swaps that are not limited to a
    single channel in progress. This change was made to allow autoloop to coexist
    with manual swaps.
  • The SuggestSwaps endpoint has been updated to include reasons that indicate
    why the Autolooper is not currently dispatching swaps for the set of rules
    that the client is configured with. See the autoloop documentation for a
    detailed explanations of these reasons.

Breaking Changes

  • The AutoOut, AutoOutBudgetSat and AutoOutBudgetStartSec fields in the
    LiquidityParameters message used in the experimental autoloop API have
    been renamed to Autoloop, AutoloopBudgetSat and AutoloopBudgetStartSec.
  • The autoout flag for enabling automatic dispatch of loop out swaps has been
    renamed to autoloop so that it can cover loop out and loop in.
  • The SuggestSwaps rpc call will now fail with a FailedPrecondition grpc
    error code if no rules are configured for the autolooper. Previously the rpc
    would return an empty response.

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