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2 years ago
Autoloop Swap Size
  • Autoloop can now be configured with custom swap size limits. Previously,
    autoloop would use the minimum/maximum swap amount set by the server (exposed
    by the loop terms command) to decide on swap size.
  • Setting a custom minimum swap amount is particularly useful for clients that
    would like to perform fewer, larger swaps to save on fees. The trade-off when
    setting a large minimum amount is that autoloop will wait until your channel is
    at least the minimum amount below its incoming threshold amount before executing
    a swap, which may result in channels staying under the threshold for longer.
  • These values can be set using the following command: loop setparams --minamt={minimum in sats} --maxamt={maximum in sats}.
  • The values set must fall within the limits set by the loop server.

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