github lightninglabs/loop v0.11.0-beta

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2 years ago

New Features

  • The loop client now labels all its on-chain transactions to make them easily
    identifiable in lnd's listchaintxns output.

Introducing Autoloop

  • This release includes support for opt-in automatic dispatch of loop out swaps,
    based on the output of the Suggestions endpoint.
  • To enable the autolooper, the following command can be used:
    loop setparams --autoout=true --autobudget={budget in sats} --budgetstart={start time for budget}
  • Automatically dispatched swaps are identified in the output of the
    ListSwaps with the label [reserved]: autoloop-out.
  • If autoloop is not enabled, the client will log the actions that the
    autolooper would have taken if it was enabled, and the Suggestions endpoint
    can be used to view the exact set of swaps that the autolooper would make if

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