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3 years ago

The libvips Windows binary contains ALL the file format loaders that libvips supports, including some very minor ones, and a complete copy of ImageMagick. It can process many different file types, but it is also rather vulnerable to hacking.

The build contains only file format loaders that have been carefully tested and which are commonly used on the web. It won't load formats like openslide (for example), but it should be safer to use with untrusted input.

See this blog post for a summary of the new features in 8.9.

Changes since 8.8:

  • add vips_image_get/set_array_int()
  • disable webp alpha output if all frame fill the canvas and are solid
  • support arrays of delays for animated images [deftomat]
  • add "unlimited" flag to svgload
  • disable webp alpha output if all frames fill the canvas and are solid
  • add "compression" option to heifsave [lovell]
  • support webp and zstd compression in tiff
  • loaders use "minimise" to close input files earlier
  • integrate support for oss-fuzz [omira-sch]
  • add vips_switch() / vips_case() ... fast many-way ifthenelse
  • better const handling for arithmetic operators fixes comparisons against out of range values
  • sharpen restores input colourspace
  • handle alpha in heifload / heifsave [meyermarcel]
  • add @Interpretation and @Format to rawload
  • nifti load/save uses double for all floating point metadata
  • add vips_error_buffer_copy()
  • add VipsSource and VipsTarget: a universal IO class for loaders and savers
  • jpeg, png, tiff (though not tiffsave), rad, svg, ppm and webp use the new IO class
  • rewritten ppm load/save is faster and uses less memory
  • add @no_strip option to dzsave [kalozka1]
  • add iiif layout to dzsave
  • fix use of resolution-unit metadata on tiff save [kayarre]
  • support TIFF CIELAB images with alpha [angelmixu]
  • support TIFF with premultiplied alpha in any band
  • block metadata changes on shared images [pvdz]
  • RGB and sRGB are synonymous

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