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6 months ago

A few bugfixes since 8.14.1:

  • use a private fontmap in vips_text() [jcupitt]
  • increase sanity checks on TIFF tile dimensions [lovell]
  • ensure compatibility with libheif > 1.14.2 [kleisauke]
  • minor doc fixes [jcupitt]
  • sanitise dimensions in JPEG-compressed TIFF images [lovell]
  • fix target pnm write [ewelot]
  • dedupe FITS header write [ewelot]
  • fix strip parameter in webpsave [jcupitt]
  • earlier abort of webpsave on kill [dloebl]
  • fix thumbnail of CMYK images with an embedded ICC profile [kleisauke]
  • fix ICC handling of RGB images with a monochrome profile [kleisauke]
  • ensure ICC transforms keep all precision [kleisauke]
  • fix openslideload associated=XXX load [jcupitt]
  • fix compatibility with MSVC [SpaceIm]

Windows binaries here:

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