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pre-release9 months ago

This is test release of 8.14.

Changes for this release:

  • expose location of interest when using attention based cropping [ejoebstl]
  • remove autotools
  • remove various obsolete scripts
  • remove benchmark
  • jp2ksave defaults to chroma subsample off, and jp2 write
  • don't minimise vips_sink_screen() input after expose ... improves caching during interactive use
  • require libjxl 0.6+
  • add interlace option to GIF save [dloebl]
  • magick load sets magick-format metadata [aksdb]
  • add .pnm save [ewelot]
  • threaded tiff jp2k and jpeg decompress
  • improve speed and efficiency of animated WebP write [dloebl]
  • add rgb mode to openslideload
  • new thread recycler
  • threadpools size dynamically with load
  • operations can hint threadpool size
  • faster dzsave
  • support for N-colour ICC profiles
  • add bash completions for vips
  • fits load and allows many more bands
  • fits write doesn't duplicate header fields
  • add wrap to vips_text()
  • GIF load supports truncated frames [tlsa]
  • EXIF support for PNG load and save
  • deprecate gifsave reoptimise, add reuse
  • add encoder to heifsave [dloebl]
  • add cplusplus meson build option [jcupitt]

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